Logo, from an original Hopi design used in pottery... taken from image drawn by G. Mullett

About Mullett-Smith Press

Mullett-Smith Press is interested in Desktop production of musical scores, information on Architectural History and Historic Preservation. We have pages to visit on Urgent Needs for buildings by the architect, A.B. Mullett, that need funding, letters to those in Congress or in GSA. We also sell publications and authorize the publishing of Hopi Indian Tales called Spider Woman Stories by G. M. Mullett as well as her children's stories. In production is a publication by Suzanne Mullett Smith on Arthur Dove, the artist.

Mullett-Smith Press on A. B. Mullett

Our book,A.B. Mullett, His Relevance in American Architecture and Historic Preservation, was professionally prepared by The Oxford Group in Norway, Maine. We have notes from the National Archives papers on all of A. B. Mullett's buildings. We also have original papers of A.B. Mullett. These will not be put up directly but only by purchase. Individuals may purchase notes on specific building's price determined by number of pages in documents desired. San Francisco Mint information is available for $30 by e-mail, $35 for snail mail. The U.S. Treasury files are $40. Portland Oregon files are $25. Several buildings in Maine by A. B. Mullett have fewer pages and would be $15 to $20.

We are listed in Who's Who of American Women 2000-2002, Who's Who in America 2000-2002, Who's Who in the World 2000-2002.  And subsquent Who's Who publications.

We also invite you to visit the web pages set up by Treasury Historical Association

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