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In Print

cover of Billy and Susie Bear

Books by G. M. Mullett


Description Price
Stories of Billy and Susie Bear by G.M. Mullett $4 
Spider Woman Stories by G. M. Mullett UA Press

Please see University of Arizona Press bookstore or other on-line bookstores to purchase Spider Woman Stories . University of Arizona Press is the publisher.

Books on A.B. Mullett

drawing of St Louis PO
Architecture Books
Description Price
A. B. Mullett Diaries &c., Annotated Documents, Research & Reminiscence Regarding a Federal Architect Engineer (1834-1890) edited by Suzanne M. Smith and D. Mullett Smith $25
A. B. Mullett: His Relevance in American Architecture and Historic Preservation by D. Mullett Smith with contributions by Robert Dunning; John Dawson; Charles Hosmer; Theodore Turak; and Lawrence Wodehouse $40

Music by Gordon H. Smith

drawing of Gordon Smith
Scores of Music by Gordon H. Smith (1916-1992)
Description Price

Jade (piano) $1.80

Suite for Four Hands (piano 4 hands) $8.75

Fugue and Passacaglia (organ) $4.50

Wedding Peal (carillon or Organ Chime) $1.80

We Will Sing a New Song - Noel (Soprano and flute) text by Ernest Rhys $1.80

Velvet Shoes (Soprano and Flute) text by Elinor Wylie $1.80

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening (Soprano and flute) text by Robert Frost $1.80

In Story Land (Soprano and Piano) text by Alice Shaw $1.85

The Lamb (Soprano and Piano) text by William Blake $1.85

Tree Pictures (prepared piano and soprano) text by Janet McCormick-Goodhart $1.80

The Morning Meal (Soprano and Organ --- good for church solo) text St. John 21 KJV, The Holy Bible $.1.85

Operas in Miniature: Letitia Wants to Get Married; Grandmother's Gone to the Bar-Huk $3.75

Preamble to the United Nations Charter (Chorus and Organ) $3.70

Carol (Chorus unaccompanied) text by R. Crashaw $1.80

I was Down by the Reed Banks (Chorus unaccompanied) $1.80

Infant Joy (Chorus Unaccompanied) text by William Blake $1.80

The Blossom (Women's Chorus) text by William Blake $1.80

Psalm 100 (Women's Chorus) text KJV The Bible $1.85

The Virtuous Woman (Women's Chorus) text Prov. 31, KJV, The Holy Bible $2.80

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